Here's what previous clients have to say about their experience with n.n. proof-edits:

"It was a pleasure working with Nicole. She was extremely professional and provided helpful advice outside the scope of the project. I also appreciated her attention to detail. I look forward to working with Nicole again on future projects."


"The edits look great. This is just the help I needed on this. I’m about 100 pages in, so still more work to do on my end, but the suggestions and changes are immensely helpful so far."
-Scott Marlowe

"The edit looks great! It's exactly what I wanted and needed. Your notes make complete sense and I'm excited to work on the changes. The areas where clarification is needed are hard to see sometimes when you are too close to the story. Also, the reworking of sentences really opened my eyes to other ways of explaining things and to show more. So helpful! I can't thank you enough."
-Crystal Licata 
"I went over the entire edited MS and wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your work. Besides the thorough grammar and punctuation edit, I found your comments and suggestions throughout the MS very useful and valuable. Also, the editing report was so professional and helpful, (I read it more than a few times…)."
-Sigal Ehrlich, author of Layers